How to Improve StarTimes Signal Status and Stop the Cracking and Freezing of Channels

To Enhance your Startimes signal Status, It’s very important to know your signal levels. Whenever you see No Signal or No Service you need to check your signal levels by pressing Menu on your decoder or on your remote control, Scroll to System settings, press OK, scroll downwards on the next page to find Signal Status.

Startimes Yagi Antenna

Your Startimes signal status should be above 50% Signal Strength and 70% Signal and the BER should be stable at 1E-9. In case your signals are below these values, kindly check the connection between the decoder and your antenna, and adjust your antenna position to improve the signals for a better picture.

Accurate positioning of your Startimes antennal towards Startimes transmission base will stop your Startimes  channels from cracking and freezing


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